I'm with you! what do you need help with?

Depression is exhausting. it must be so hard for you to push through rn! it must be so draining.

Grab and glass of water and a snack If you can while you read this ♡

I know it may seem like this feeling will never go away, but that's not true! its really hard to be hopeful when you're depressed but I believe you can do it because if you can push through depression you can push through anything! you're so strong believe me you are. and it's okay If you weren't always strong!! being vulnerable is important, repressing your feelings is only gonna make things worse and more heavy on you!


here's some things that really do help.

▪︎ Make sure you're eating enough food and drinking enough water!
I know its either really hard to eat for you or you're eating too much, food is really important, you deserve to eat, food is fuel, it will make it easier for your body to push through. whenever you eat food, remind yourself that "this food is helping my body function and push through and I deserve it" please try not to skip meals!
and water has more benefits and solutions than you can imagine! dehydration causes many problems and drinking water can make you feel better!

▪︎ Try to have a proper sleep schedule:
you need sleep!!!! depression already makes you feel so tired and sleep deprivation on top of that can make it so much worse. if you're sleeping too much it's totally okay because you're already so tired because of your depression, people don't know, they dont understand but I do. make sure you're getting at least 7 hours of sleep!! you deserve it.

▪︎ Lean on family, friends or people in general:
Talk!!! let out your feelings! keeping it all in will only make you more and more drained and overwhelmed. you wont be a burden at all and people will be happy to help, your struggles require attention they are big. reach out to people on social media if you're not comfortable with family and friends! or if you're not comfortable make a journal or write down your feelings in your phone!

▪︎ Eat fruits :)
Fruits are good for you when you are going through something emotionally, they do help you! A diet that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, soy, and other plant products may help reduce the stress-related symptoms. dont have to eat vegetables if you dont like them but just eat fruits you love to eat!

▪︎ Take a day off, take breaks!!!
prioritize your mental health. if you feel like you need a break that means you need a break. your mental health effects your physical health that's why it's so important to prioritize it!! please take some rest and relax you deserve it

▪︎ Do things that will make you feel better like:
create somethingwatch somethinggo for a walkhang out with friends/familyplay your favorite games
▪︎ Seek professional help:
its not easy to ask for help, but believe me if you cant take it anymore help is available. it does help. there are people who study psychology so that they can help you. I do understand that it's hard to ask for help but remember that option is always there, keep the option with you. it will make such a difference and its okay to ask for help, it's not your fault you're struggling!

▪︎ always try to follow and create a routine:
highlight the word try, because this is something that's really hard. considering depression doesnt even let you get out of bed, this one is hard but routine helps. it makes you feel better about yourself, you obviously dont have to immediately follow a routine, you should build it, start slow. and remember it's okay to if you cant do it, don't pressure yourself.

medication helps so much, ask for it when you're ready.

Sending so much love! you can do this ♡

Anxiety is something so hard, you can fight this. it may seem impossible, but you can, believe me you can! anxiety is so draining. there are ways you can cope with anxiety,

Calming down:

▪︎ practice breathing excercises it really helps!!!

▪︎ Count to 10 slowly. Repeat, and count to 20 if necessary.

▪︎ Learn what triggers your anxiety.
Is it work, family, school, or something else you can identify? Write in a journal when you’re feeling stressed or anxious, and look for a pattern.

its okay to feel anxious for no reason! that's frequent with anxiety!
here's some anxiety triggers:
▪︎ Health issues.
▪︎ Medications.
▪︎ Caffeine.
▪︎ Skipping meals.
▪︎ Negative thinking.
▪︎ Financial concerns.
▪︎ Parties or social events.
▪︎ Conflict.
▪︎ phobias

▪︎ Accept that you cannot control everything. Put your stress in perspective: Is it really as bad as you think?

▪︎ Talk to someone
Tell friends and family you’re feeling overwhelmed, and let them know how they can help you. Talk to a physician or therapist for professional help.

▪︎ Tell yourself you're gonna be okay and you're safe, remind yourself of what is going on around you, fact check your thoughts.

▪︎ Name 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, and 1 thing you can taste.

▪︎ chew on ice cubes

Be aware of what is going on!

how I calm myself down from an anxiety/panic attack
I repeatedly tell myself to breathI go in a place where I am aloneI wash my face with cold waterI text my friendssay things like "it's okay just breath" "I'm okay"hold something in your hand If you're shaking
medication helps so much, ask for it when you're ready.

Sending so much love! you can do this ♡

Being angry is so hard! it's okay to feel that way. you're trying your best. it's okay if you lashed out at someone, you tried your best to control yourself!


ways to control your anger
let everyone around you know that you're extremely angry right nowisolate yourself, go somewhere alonewas your face with cold watercount to 10Scream into a pillowpunch a pillowtake deep breathsremind yourself that your anger cannot control you, you're the one in control.

Sending so much love, you can do this ♡

This feeling is so abstrucing. it feels like you're not even alive. Out of all the emotions, this is the feeling that can make you feel the most trapped.

Here are some things that can really help you get out of this feeling.

• Get good sleep, dont sleep too much and dont sleep too little.
• Drink lots of water and eat proper meals, eating fruits can really help.
• Take a hot bath and listen to calm music
• Do physical exercises and breathing exercises
• Go for a walk or a run in the morning, or just go out to a place that you like
• Listen to songs or read something
• Spend time with people you love
• Avoid being on your phone too much
• Spend time with people you love and talk to someone about everything that you're feeling
• If you want to distract yourself for sometime, watch a movie, youtube or a show. But dont push back your thoughts all the time, it's not good for you.
• Remember your mental health is more important than anything in this world. Take your time.
Doing these things will help you relax and hopefully help you feel alive. Obviously you dont have to do all of them at the same time, do whatever you can. You are strong for trying.

Your mind completely takes over your problems. The only thing that keeps you going and brings you happiness is hope. When hope is gone, it's almost like you're not living anymore. When hope is gone, you are completely empty.

You feel like running away from everything, you're apathetic. This doesn't only happen to people who are going through a lot of problems, it can happen to anyone. It can happen when nothing in your life is making you happy, it can happen when you feel alone, it can happen when you lose something, or it can happen when you overthink.

You're not the only one feeling this way.

I was always a really cheerful person, so when I out of nowhere felt this emptiness inside of me, I push myself from what I wanted to do. We all have feelings, we think, we cry, we laugh, no matter what we encounter, we're all just empty inside for once in our life. The feeling of emptiness is the heaviest to carry. it's like being in a huge dark room, where there is no sound, and you're just alone, it's just you and your thoughts.

You stay in this feeling of emptiness for a long time. To us, it seems inextricable but its really not, you wont be stuck with this feeling forever, its temporary, it comes back when you really need it and need to realize something. If you don't have hope then its really hard to do anything, you completely abstain yourself. but you have to push yourself, just a little. You feel discouraged when you dont have hope but every emotion is there to make you realize something, so you need to lose hope sometimes to realize that life can never be consistent. This feeling is honestly the worst and it's so hard to keep going with that feeling inside you, but we are so strong. We grow out of this feeling and become so much stronger. We have to make efforts to get out of this. Be patient with yourself during this. It's okay if it takes time, it will take time and you don't need to feel bad for that.

Sending so much love! you can do this ♡

Mental health reminders:

▪︎ it's okay to not be okay
▪︎ everything is gonna be okay
▪︎ your physical and mental health are way more important than school or work
▪︎ be proud of yourself for getting through all the storms that failed to crush you.
▪︎ You're doing so well, even if you cant get much done or anything at all done I'm still so proud of you because you need pushing through when it's so hard for you!! we are so proud of you
▪︎ Your family/friends love you!! even if they dont express it. they do love you, you are so loved
▪︎ You can always start over if you need! it doesnt matter what you've done.
▪︎ The sun will rise and we will try again
▪︎ You're feelings and struggles are always valid!!
▪︎ Be gentle with your feelings and yourself!
▪︎ Your mistakes DO NOT define you
▪︎ Thoughts are not facts!
▪︎ You are more than other peoples opinions
▪︎ Its okay to be vulnerable!
▪︎ Talking about your negative feelings is important and it doesnt mean you're being negative!
▪︎ Don't compare your struggles to others, your struggles are big for you and extremely hard for you. everyone is different.
▪︎ Its okay to have days where all you can do is survive
▪︎ You deserve the whole world, you deserve love, care and support
▪︎ The same good you see in others is within you too
▪︎ it's okay to have bad and unproductive days, your mental health is more important
▪︎ Allow yourself to feel, dont ignore, bury or hide your feelings, try to hear and accept them.
▪︎ you mean a lot to someone, your existence
▪︎ its okay If you struggle to accept help
▪︎ if you're alive right now, I'm so proud of you.
▪︎ Your best is more than enough

sending so much love! you can do this ♡

self harm alternatives:
1. Visit or Call a friend
2. Hold an ice cube in the crook of your arm or leg.
3. if your temptation involves seeing blood put red food coloring in water and freeze it like ice, let it melt on your wrist. I've seen many people say this works.
4. Chew something with a very strong taste like chillies, peppermint, etc.
5. Wrap yourself in a warm blanket.
6. Listen to calming music. It can also fit preferences. I go for music that expresses my feelings
7. Cuddle a pet (I do pillow because I don't have a pet and I'm lonely)
12. Browse Ebay or amazon
13. Let yourself cry
14. Play video games or play an instrument
13. Draw where you want to self harm
14. Snap a rubber band on your wrist. (this has personally helped me a lot and doesnt hurt my wrist so I'm including it but definitely be careful)
15. Hit a cushion against the hall or bed
16. Scrub the area where you usually cut with soap
17. Throw ice cubes in bathtubs
18. Meditation or yoga
19. Warm or Cold Showers and baths definitely help for me
20. Chew on ice cubes
21. Scream into a pillow
I struggle with self harm and I know that it is the hardest thing ever. it is not easy to stop and I recognize that. always give yourself a chance. you can get better. I'm so proud of you for always staying strong. comment alternatives that have helped you I would appreciate that

Remember relapsing doesnt mean you have to start all over again, you already started, you can't recover without failure!! dont get discouraged you can do this!!

Sending so much love! you can do this ♡